Our Story

In 2012 Greenpeace released a groundbreaking report called “Toxic Threads” shedding light on the toxicity of the fashion, sportswear, and footwear industries. Dangerous toxins used in the manufacturing process of some of today’s products have been linked to serious illnesses.

When you exercise, your body temperature can increase by up to 4ºF. Athletes can sweat between .8L -3.7L of sweat per hour. During exercise, toxins from chemicals & dyes in sportswear can be absorbed into the body from friction, heat and sweat. There is also evidence of these toxins appearing in the food we eat, by wash water draining into local waterways.

This report and its shocking details raised the question: “shouldn't an athlete think about what they put 'ON' their body, as well as 'IN'?”. 

Athletes clearly deserve a clean performance sportswear option.

With that in mind, several decades-long veterans of the sportswear industry developed TMPL Sportswear, and the mission to create clean performance sportswear that is better for the planet, the body, and the human race.

It took us years to source our unique Bluesign & Oeko-Tex Certified performance Pur-Tec fabrics. We produce our products in the world’s most advanced fabric mills, and utilize the highest quality technical materials, incorporating the most stringent human & environmental production techniques.

All constructed locally, in fair working conditions by producers paid a fair living wage.

What We Stand For: Our Brand Pillars


TMPL Sportswear is produced using the world’s most exacting human and environmental standards. Our dyes and fabrics are free of dangerous toxins, making TMPL safer for your body when exposed to open skin pores.


Our products are made locally, employing the fairest labor practices where our producers are provided a safe work environment, fair living wages and health benefits.


TMPL Sportswear is constructed using our Pur-Tec Bluesign & Oeko-Tex Certified performance fabrics, and features moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, anti-odor technology, UV protection, and more. Superior feel, comfort and breathability means you can work even harder.

My Planet. My Body. My TMPL.