What does ‘clean sportswear’ mean?
What makes an apparel item ‘not clean’?
How is TMPL Sportswear better for the environment?
What does ‘conscious’ mean?
What trade-offs in performance does clean, conscious sportswear require?
What does TMPL Sportswear Pur-Tec fabric feel like?
What makes TMPL’s Pur-Tec fabrics so special?
Do you offer a military discount?

All TMPL Sportswear products are produced using the world’s most exacting human and environmental standards. Our fabrics & dyes are free of dangerous toxins, chemicals, and plastic. It took us years to source our unique performance Pur-Tec fabrics, which are Bluesign & Oeko-Tex Certified, down to the logos and size heat seals. This makes TMPL Sportswear safer for your workout–and your body.

In 2012 Greenpeace released a report called “Toxic Threads” shedding light on the toxicity of the fashion, sportswear, and footwear industries. Dangerous toxins used in the manufacturing process of some of today’s products have been linked to serious illnesses. When you exercise, your body temperature can increase by up to 4ºF. Athletes can sweat between .8L -3.7L of sweat per hour. During exercise, toxins from chemicals & dyes in sportswear can be absorbed into the body via friction, heat and sweat.

During the manufacturing process of today’s leading sportswear brands, factories emit dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide into the air. These manufacturing processes also greatly contribute to water pollution. Waste water containing dangerous chemicals, gases and heavy metals from toxic dyes and fabric treatments are dumped into water during the manufacturing process.

We produce our products in the world’s most advanced fabric mills, and utilize the highest quality technical materials–incorporating the most stringent human & environmental production techniques.
 All constructed locally within North America, in fair working conditions by producers paid fair living wages and receiving health benefits.

None! All TMPL Sportswear products feature moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, anti-odor technology, UV protection, flat lock stitching using carbon-infused thread, and more. Superior fabric feel, comfort and breathability means you can push even harder. Because our products are Clean, they lack the common “smell” that some apparel emits, requiring a wash after one or two workouts. Because our product is naturally odor resistant, you can wear the gear through multiple workouts between washes–minimizing water pollution & microfiber release into waterways.

So lightweight and breathable, we’ve been told its like wearing nothing at all. Buttery soft smooth hand feel means workout gear has never felt so luxurious. Our unique Italian fabrics are the highest quality performance fabrics available–anywhere in the world. Anti-pilling finish keeps TMPL Sportswear gear looking great, and 4-Way stretch provides supreme comfort and freedom of movement.

There are a lot of reasons you’ll notice a difference when wearing TMPL Sportswear. All of our fabrics are sourced from the world’s most advanced fabric mills in Italy & Switzerland, who create the most luxurious performance fabrics that feel like butter–to the touch & on the body. Incredibly, you’ll also notice that the fabrics do not smell after working out. In fact, our products have been known to make it through multiple workouts without requiring washing. Seriously, the lack of odor is remarkable! Perhaps most important is the fact that all of our performance fabrics are made without dangerous toxins. So while your sweat soaked jersey, pant or sports bra is next to skin, you’ll be confident that you’ll be supported–and safer. What’s more, every single TMPL Sportswear product is made locally in Canada, by craftspeople that take pride in the product they are producing.

Please email info@tmplsportswear.com with proof of active or veteran military status.

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